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Online Classes for K12

Free K12 Online learning contents (Videos, PDFs) from class I - XII

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On behalf of all the students who are using this app, we would like to appreciate all of the youtube channels for their video links and NCERT for their Online Books

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Enrollment is open from Nursery to Grade 8 for the academic year 2021-22.

Learning place for K12 students

Aadigyan is an Edu tech startup based in Jaipur, founded by two school students Aditya & Aaradhya. They have developed a smartphone app which brings scattered K12 learning contents (Videos, PDFs) into a single platform, from ease and ready access for students. This app also has the feature for online assessments in a game mode which offers highly effective, adaptive, and engaging learning programs.

1. Students will learn at their own place.

2. Fewer distractions and obstacles to learning.

3. Parents become more involved in their children’s education.

4. Helps students become independent, disciplined, and responsible.